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VCA Valley Oak Veterinary Center at 2480 Doctor Martin Luther King Junior Parkway in Chico, California

VCA Valley Oak Veterinary Center is healthcare, which located in California. They address is 2480 Doctor Martin Luther King Junior Parkway.
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Phone: +1 530-342-7387


2480 Doctor Martin Luther King Junior Parkway,
Chico, California
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Customer Reviews about VCA Valley Oak Veterinary Center

  • ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪
    Dr. Smith is the coldest hearted vet I have even encountered. When my regular vet was not available, I had to take my beloved 15 year old border collie to Valley Oak. She could not walk or use her back legs. She has been declining for a number of years, which is to be expected of a dog of this age. I guess I needed to be the one to say clearly and directly "she needs to be put to sleep". I was more or less shamed that I decided it would not do any good to "at least do the minimum blood work" ($700-$950) then consider x-rays, a referral to a neurologist and and MRI. I was scolded about the state of her teeth, although I tried to explain she had regular vet visits and was on meds for her chronic arthritis. This vet clearly was not listening, but seemed to be following step by step procedure from vet school-blood tests, x-rays, refer to specialist...without considering the fact that my dog was already well past her expected life span and was not going to have any real quality of life-she had already been pretty compromised for some time, as she could no longer run, get up stairs, etc. I was ready to hand over my credit card and pay the thousands of dollars before common sense kicked in and I realized that no matter what I did, my sweet Lily was never, ever going to be okay. Euthanasia was not suggested as an option, thus, I had to be the one to say "I have to let her go". Young Dr. Smith made a terrible time so much worse by leaving me not only heartbroken and grieving about the loss of my sweet Lily, but feeling that if I hadn't been a cheapskate (I am not and spend lots of money on my pets) Lily would still be with me and okay. I hope that heartless young woman gets a job at a research hospital or anywhere that empathy is not needed. She not only did not help, but left me haunted that I killed my girl.
    July 17, 2017
    by Pamela Johansen
  • ✪ ✪ ✪
    If you pet isn't dying, wait for your vet. I had to wait for 2.5 hours. It was so cold my body hurt. Then I got the bill. Near $300, and my dog is fine. All I wanted to know is if his eye okay and it is. The visit was $95. Then everything after that was $50 each. The doctor never looked me in the eye and never asked questions about the attacker. Being mandated report I wish he would have.
    March 02, 2017
    by Jessica Bennett
  • ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪
    Had an appointment for my 5 month old pup. my first time ever going to a vet. Was 5 minutes early when I tried to check in, I was told someone would be with me in a moment. Never was even acknowledged after that. The kid who said he'd be with me in a moment, ended his phone call a few minutes later and proceed to stare at the window until the phone rang again. Didn't even care to ask my name or reason for being there. There were at least 4 people behind the counter and none of them bothered to even ask if I've been helped. Too busy chit chatting. Maybe they do have good vets. I won't know. I ended up walking out as my pup and I were both restless and had enough. The "eh, whatever" atmosphere the front desk created reflects on the people who run this place and it's a place that felt liked they don't really care, they'll be another pet to take my pets place. This being my first experience, with any vet, was not a good one.
    December 25, 2016
    by hellbanger
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VCA Valley Oak Veterinary Center is located at 2480 Doctor Martin Luther King Junior Parkway, Chico, California.